Row and power combo exercise (+ video tutorial)

Sharing a mix row and power exercise that you are able to do at house or take to your subsequent fitness center exercise. Our favourite rower for our house fitness center is right here!

Hello buddies! Blissful Monday! How’s the morning going to this point? I hope you had an amazing weekend. We completed adorning (simply want the tree!), had an incredible dinner at Vivace, and bought along with some buddies. It’s additionally been wet right here and beautiful. I hope you had an amazing weekend, too!

For right now’s publish, I needed to pay a tribute to a health software that we’ve added to our house fitness center and that we completely LOVE: the Aviron! (<— that it my affiliate hyperlink they usually’re having a Black Friday promo right now! It’s their solely sale to this point this complete yr.) You possibly can try my full review of Aviron here. Since we added it to our routine, it’s been so wonderful to have for at-home rowing exercises, particularly since we will stream Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and play video games. I watched half of Les Miserables whereas getting in a superb cardio exercise.

My all-time favourite method to make use of the rower is for combo power and cardio. I’ll do sprints or drills on the rower and alternate with whole physique power coaching strikes. It’s additionally wonderful that you should utilize the seat nearly like a Pilates reformer; I’ll usually use it for sliding facet lunges and pikes.

Right here’s a exercise that I’ve been having fun with currently! Give this at whirl at house or at your subsequent fitness center session. As all the time, speak with a health care provider earlier than making any health or diet adjustments. Modify as wanted and honor your physique.

Row and power combo exercise

You’ll full three rounds of every circuit, separating every circuit with a rowing drill that may improve your coronary heart price and provide you with an superior sweat.

The workouts:

Rowing warmup 5-7 minutes

Take this time to arrange correct kind, focus in your breath, and get your mindset within the sport for an amazing exercise. Play a tune that may pump you up!

Circuit 1:

Biceps curl to overhead press x 10

Beginning Place: Stand with toes shoulder-width aside, holding dumbbells by your sides.

Biceps Curl: Curl the weights towards your shoulders, maintaining elbows near your physique.

Overhead Press: Press the weights overhead, totally extending your arms.

Return: Decrease the weights again to shoulder peak, then all the way down to the beginning place.

Repetition: Full 10 managed curls and presses.

Goblet squat x 12

Maintain a Dumbbell: Maintain a dumbbell near your chest with each arms.

Toes Placement: Stand with toes shoulder-width aside.

Squat Down: Decrease your physique by bending on the hips and knees, maintaining your chest up.

Depth: If in case you have the mobility, drop down till your elbows contact the within of your knees.

Stand Up: Push by your heels to return to the beginning place.

Repetition: Full 12 squats with managed actions.

Bent-over row x 10

Maintain Dumbbells: Hinge at your hips, holding dumbbells in entrance of you with arms totally prolonged.

Row: Pull the weights towards your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades.

Elbows Shut: Hold your elbows near your physique in the course of the row.

Decrease: Decrease the weights again down with management.

Repetition: Full 10 bent-over rows with correct kind.

ROW: 500 meters

Setup: Sit on the rower with toes secured and seize the deal with.

Drive: Push by your legs, then lean again, pulling the deal with to your chest.

Return: Prolong your arms, lean ahead, and bend your knees to return to the beginning place.

Distance: Row a complete of 500 meters at a constant tempo.

Circuit 2:

Sliding lateral lunge x 10 every

Stand Tall: Place one foot on the rower, the opposite foot stationary.

Lateral Slide: Slide the foot on the rower out to the facet, bending the knee.

Lunge: Decrease your physique right into a facet lunge, maintaining the stationary knee barely bent.

Return: Use the slider to drag your foot again to the beginning place.

Repetition: Full 10 lunges on all sides.

Overhead triceps extension x 12

Maintain Dumbbell: Maintain a dumbbell overhead with each arms.

Elbows Bent: Decrease the dumbbell behind your head by bending your elbows.

Extension: Straighten your arms, lifting the load again overhead.

Repetition: Full 12 managed triceps extensions.

Weighted hip elevate x 12

Lie Down: Lie in your again with knees bent and toes flat, holding a weight in your hips.

Elevate Hips: Carry your hips towards the ceiling, squeezing your glutes on the prime.

Decrease: Decrease your hips again down, sustaining management.

Repetition: Full 12 weighted hip raises.

ROW 30 stroke dash

Fast Strokes: Sit on the rower and row as quick as attainable for 30 strokes.

Highly effective Drive: Deal with a robust leg drive and fast, managed arm pulls.

Depth: Dash with most effort for the designated strokes.

Circuit 3:

Pike on the rower x 12

Plank Place: Begin in a plank place along with your toes on the rower.

Hip Elevate: Carry your hips towards the ceiling, forming an inverted V.

Return: Decrease your hips again to the plank place.

Repetition: Full 12 pikes with managed actions.

Push-up with leg elevate x 12 whole

Push-Up Place: Begin in a plank place.

Push-Up: Carry out a push-up, bending elbows again 45 levels.

Leg Elevate: Carry one leg off the bottom, maintaining it straight.

Alternate Legs: Alternate legs with every push-up.

Repetition: Full 12 push-ups with leg raises.

Plank x 45 seconds

Plank Place: Maintain a plank place along with your physique in a straight line.

Have interaction Core: Have interaction your core muscle mass and preserve a impartial backbone.

Period: Maintain the plank place for 45 seconds, maintaining good kind.

ROW: 100m dash

Fast Dash: Row as quick as attainable for 100 meters.

Environment friendly Strokes: Deal with highly effective and environment friendly rowing strokes.

Depth: Dash with most effort for the designated distance.

Quiet down: 5-7 minutes on the rower

Quiet down! Breathe, row slowly, and let your coronary heart price lower. Take your time.

Right here’s a a helpful graphic to pin or save in your cellphone:

and right here’s a video tutorial!

When you’re unsure the best way to put your whole exercises right into a strong plan, you may get my free information on how to create a workout plan here.

Have an amazing day and I’ll see ya quickly!


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