Mitchell Hooper Makes an attempt 3 of Ronnie Coleman’s Heaviest Lifts Ever

The World’s Strongest Man takes his greatest shot at matching the legend’s lifting data.

Though he competes in a vastly totally different sport, Mitchell Hooper can admire the superhuman strength and sheer dedication it took for Ronnie Coleman to grow to be essentially the most embellished bodybuilder of all time. Whereas the reigning World’s Strongest Man can toss round kettlebells and overhead press heavy logs with relative ease, he needed to eat a proverbial slice of humble pie after trying to match a few of the eight-time Mr. Olympia winner’s greatest lifts.

In a video posted on his YouTube web page on Nov. 16, 2023, Mitchell took on the unbelievable problem of performing a Coleman-inspired back workout that included three primary workouts utilizing masses that gave him a newfound appreciation for the dwelling legend’s accomplishments within the fitness center.

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Apart from boasting an extremely muscular and symmetrical physique, The King earned loads of reward for his potential to coach with the power of a powerlifter (which Coleman was at one level). Identified for working with extraordinarily heavy weights and pushing himself to the purpose of failure, Coleman set private data in some staple lifts that also appear unfathomable years later, together with army urgent 315 kilos (143 kilograms) for 12 reps and squatting and deadlifting 800 kilos for 2 reps. Combining that powerbuilding strategy with a high-protein diet and an ultra-disciplined way of life helped the Louisiana native accumulate 26 IFBB professional present wins, together with eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles from 1998-2005.

Nonetheless, even for Hooper, who turned the fourth individual to win WSM and the Arnold Strongman Classic in the identical yr again in April 2023, Coleman’s coaching type appeared nicely past his capabilities. Nonetheless, the Canadian strongman confirmed he’s no slouch by making straightforward work of the primary back exercise.

The three-part exercise begins across the 1:05 mark of the video.

Typical Deadlift — 800 kilos (362.9 kilograms) for 2 reps

Coleman famously accomplished two reps of an 800-pound standard deadlift within the 2000 documentary Ronnie Coleman: The Unbelievable. For most individuals, replicating that feat could be downright unimaginable. But for Hooper, who has pulled 1,000 kilos, matching Coleman’s greatest deadlift didn’t current a lot of a problem.

The 28-year-old began with a warm-up set of 575 kilos (260.8 kilograms), showcasing picture-perfect type by driving his hips ahead throughout the lockout part. Earlier than performing his subsequent set, Hooper pointed to the peanut tattoo on the within of his left ankle and famous that he received it to pay homage to Coleman’s “Ain’t nothing however a peanut” signature catchphrase.

After a last warm-up set of 685 kilos (310.7 kilograms), the completed strongman raised the stakes and tried to hit 800 kilos (362.9 kilograms) twice simply as Coleman did greater than twenty years in the past. Unsurprisingly, Hooper had no bother matching The King’s greatest deadlift, finishing two clear reps.

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Bent-Over Row — 515 kilos (233.6 kilograms) for 10 reps

Six years after setting his deadlift PR, Coleman smashed 10 reps of barbell bent-over rows with a complete of 515 kilos (233.6 kilograms) within the 2006 documentary Ronnie Coleman: Relentless. A taxing train that targets your lats, spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings, and scapular stabilizers, this row variation requires wonderful core power to execute safely.

Regardless of his strongman background, Hooper didn’t have almost the identical degree of confidence about with the ability to match Coleman’s bent-over row document as he did throughout the deadlift. Beginning with a warm-up set of 405 kilos (183.7 kilograms) that already regarded difficult, Hooper added one other 50 kilos (22.7 kilograms) to the barbell.

“It’s humorous how it is a actually mild deadlift, however once you decide it up and also you’re now within the context of “you must row it” the sensation is totally totally different,” he defined throughout his relaxation interval.

Finally, Hooper didn’t even try to match the burden Coleman utilized in his prime. As an alternative, he topped out at eight reps of 455 kilos (206.4 kilograms) earlier than transferring on to the ultimate train.

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T-Bar Row — 505 kilos (229 kilograms) for 12 reps

The session concluded with Hooper attempting to go toe-to-toe with Coleman’s T-bar row document of 12 reps of 505 kilos (229 kilograms) set in 2006. He started with a simple warm-up set of 315 kilos (142.9 kilograms), which set the stage for a brief dialogue in regards to the affect of lifting heavy.

“It’s a actuality that each power athlete has to face — that if you happen to push your self to the restrict time and again and over it can lead to long-term injury,” Hooper defined. “All you’re doing is shifting danger profiles. It’s essential to acknowledge that pushing your self to the restrict does improve the danger of sure musculoskeletal points down the monitor nevertheless it additionally utterly diminishes the danger of others.

After sharing his perception in regards to the risks of coaching to the acute, Hooper shifted his focus again to the nook of the fitness center for what turned out to be his last set of T-bar rows. As was the case with the bent-over rows, Hooper didn’t come near matching considered one of his icons.

The winner of the 2023 World’s Strongest Man competitors maxed out at 10 reps of 405 kilos (183.7 kilograms), proving that The King really was (and nonetheless is) on one other degree.

Featured Picture: Mitchell Hooper / YouTube

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